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CBD has been my saving grace for the last few months, and I am SO stoked to tell you guys about it. With starting a new job that put me in a different city every single day- I needed some serious help to maintain my peace of mind, and CBD was exactly that. BUT.. before we get into the 5 reasons why you absolutely need to use CBD every day, I think it’s so important to tell you what taking CBD doesn’t do:

* CBD doesn’t get you high.

* CBD doesn’t make you paranoid.

* CBD doesn’t show up on a drug test.

* CBD doesn’t create an addiction.

* CBD doesn’t interfere with your day to day schedule.

That’s right guys. Even though CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from cannabis, there is no THC (the compound that gets you high), and you should not expect any mental state changes. This means it’s totally ok to give to Mom, Dad, and your pup. My puppy Coco LOVES her CBD dog treats.

And with the constant juggling of work schedules, travel planning, traffic, social gatherings, first dates, meetings, it is no secret that anxiety is the new black. Or that’s how it appears to be. But once I finally gave in to the CBD craze, I got to see that anxiety does not have to be the norm. It is totally possible to conquer Life with ease and stability at ALL times.

Even when you get caught in gnarly traffic that makes you 20 minutes late for an appointment. Even when you have to give a presentation in front of 100 people. Even before a first date with a guy you’ve never met before. Even when sweating to death in Bikram.


*CBD will keep you locked into the present moment.
*CBD will keep your mind from excessively racing.
*CBD will block out any anxiety (social anxiety included).
*CBD will help you easily compose complete thoughts.
*CBD will help you get through rush hour traffic.

It really is so easy to reap all these dope benefits. No effort on your part whatsoever-which is just how I like and need it to be. All it takes is adding another capsule or two to your morning routine, or adding a few drops of CBD oil into your morning smoothie if that’s more of your vibe. Elsa Knutson has a great CBD smoothie recipe here.

I promise you that you will feel a difference. Although for me it’s now been about three months of taking CBD religiously, I felt a change in my mental clarity and life outlook only after two weeks of taking 500mg of CBD every morning. Essentially, this magic substance helps maintain your mental equilibrium so you can face every day cool, calm, and collected. If that isn’t self-love, I don’t know what is.

At this point, I’ve experimented with a couple of different brands of CBD, but I have found that I really love Turnkey CBD. And when I say love- I mean it. Their products have just made life easier. Their CBD comes in several different forms, but for me capsules are the simplest, especially during a hectic travel season. Most importantly- they use the whole plant in their product- which includes over 100 different strains of healing properties that aren’t usually present in regular CBD. Um, yes, please.

I also love Turnkey CBD because their hemp is organic, grown outside in the Danish countryside, (no greenhouses or GMOs), and their customer service is so, so friendly. I have come to them with so many questions and they’re always quick to answer.